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The Meaning Of Gift Giving

We seem to have forgotten the meaning of gift-giving at some point between the Roman Empire and the postmodern era. Hounded by the myriad of occasions and peer pressure, the pleasure of giving occasionally gets side-tracked. However, there is another way. We would like to share our personal and creative gift ideas with you and thereby contribute to genuine surprises and many happy moments. Because after all, we are talking about people you care about!

The History Of Gift Giving

Mankind has exchanged presents since the beginning of time. Researchers have discovered people have been bestowing gifts upon each other since the earliest sophisticated civilizations. Right from the beginning, gift giving served as a way of conveying love, respect and affection. That being said, gift-giving has always been a two-way street. Consequently, researchers have discovered that the giving of gifts is a remarkably sophisticated matter as well as a significant part of human relationships. For instance, the act of gift-giving tends to help establish and reinforce relationships with both family and friends. Yet, amazingly, it seems that the giver frequently reaps the greater psychological reward from gift-giving compared to the receiver.

Gifts Are Always A Pleasure To Receive

However, unlike in the old days when there were relatively few gift-giving events, today there are many gift-giving occasions on a myriad number of days all year round. From birthdays and anniversaries to Christmas, marriages, Mother’s Day, Easter or Valentine’s Day, gift-giving in today’s world is abundant (and sometimes enjoyable). Yet, because you want to show your affection not just to individual family members or acquaintances, continually you need to generate great concepts. And yet, such ideas are often not the one and only challenge. Whilst birthdays and numerous other celebrations are quite evenly spread throughout the year, Christmastime can be quite a gift scramble!

What Gift Giving Is All About?

More often than not, all we do is try to satisfy the masses and no longer seem to wonder as to what all the fuss is about. In fact, it seems that some of us are even contemplating abandoning the gift-giving frenzy, but ultimately, everyone likes to receive gifts. Back to the gift hunt, then? However what is the whole purpose of gift giving: Something with a certain depth should always be given. It is something that the other person appreciates. Something that fits the individual character, expresses joy and shows what you mean to each other. This can sometimes feel like social pressure, since the stakes are high: appreciation, self-affirmation and, hopefully, really pleasing the other person and not just meeting social expectations. The idea is to give pleasure to people who are dear to you and to celebrate this moment with them. In a nutshell, it’s as much about surprises as anything else. And positive ones at that. Frequently asked questions like “…what do you want?” or even monetary gifts are hardly persuasive.

Final Words

Gift giving is not all about material or tangible things rather it is about the feeling that goes with the gift that you are giving. After all it’s the thought that counts.

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