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The 14 Best Gift Ideas For Men

Is the next celebration just around the corner and the inspiration for the ideal gift for men is a while away? We have gathered 14 thoughtful gift suggestions for men that are absolutely bound to put a smile on their faces.

Of course, there are simpler challenges than searching for a suitable gift for a man, because traditionally, the gentlemen of the species don’t necessarily require gifts and most of them usually have their everyday life structured such that they have little need for further improvements – at least from their point of view. Nevertheless, he will be happy about our gift ideas!


Giving men barbecue accessories as gifts can be as resourceful as grandma’s famous socks – yet the odds of striking a chord with barbecue fans are quite high. According to surveys, the hobby of “grilling” routinely makes it into the top five most popular outdoor passions among men.


Men and adventure, they go together like peas and carrots. When a man’s greatest adventure is situated anywhere between the home office and taking out the garbage, you can definitely fill this “adventure vacuum” with a thrilling outdoor tour. Nature is the best place to be.

Travel bag

Going on short trips is becoming more and more popular. Be it a city trip to one of the European metropolises or a trip to a spa hotel, where you simply want to have a relaxing time: One needs something with which to transport one’s travel essentials. Whereas a suitcase is oversized for such a short trip (we’re talking about men’s luggage here), backpacks somehow seem out of place in this situation.


In recent years, juniper schnapps has had an amazing rise to fame and has become an absolute fashionable drink in a relatively short period of time. Among the reasons for this is its wide range of applications, because the colourless spirit can be used to make numerous scrumptious cocktails. As men tend to be capable of improving everything and enjoy doing it, we recommend gin for DIY.

Knife block

Those who like to cook also need the corresponding equipment. Very important here are the right, high-quality knives, since there are probably few things that are as annoying when cooking as dull knives. Therefore, a knife block is the perfect gift for hobby cooks. A positive side benefit with this gift: the knives will always be tidy at the same time too.


This prejudice is quite ancient, however, it’s quite accurate: men are fond of toys. Of course, this is precisely something you can capitalize on when searching for a gift suitable for men. A drone is thus an ideal gift. Nowadays, these flying all-rounders are very easy to control and therefore provide a new perspective on man and nature.

For enjoyment

It is obvious that men are also epicureans. This is precisely why a gift that also delights the palate is a logical choice. Since there are gift baskets for more or less demanding gourmets like sand on the sea, we have restricted ourselves here to the modest but fine culinary treats, because when it comes to indulgence, less is often more.

Chess set

Perhaps you’d like to give a board game as a present? Better yet, a game of chess. The royal game has been played in our lands for centuries and still enjoys a huge number of followers who are thrilled by the complexity and sophistication of the classic game. Besides, let’s face it, a chessboard standing around has a certain charm of its own.

Fitness Tracker

Sports-minded men will find a fitness tracker the perfect present. These devices enable them to analyse their fitness level and – as you would expect from a real amateur athlete – to precisely modify it. This is possible because such a tracking helper not only indicates the date and time, in addition it monitors the pulse rate, the number of steps taken and much more. Not only does this work exceptionally well for sports, it also allows you to analyse your own sleep patterns, for instance.

Beer glass

Naturally, something related to beer must not be overlooked when recommending a suitable gift for men, because the stereotype is reaffirmed weekend after weekend. Thereby, it can be seen that people are switching more and more to craft beer, which has introduced numerous new flavour variations to the male tongue. Something that until a few years ago was the exclusive domain of wine, whiskey and gin lovers is now also finding its way into the beer trade: tasting.


People who assume that filter coffee is just “cold coffee” are simply mistaken. With an increasing number of households being kitted out with fully automatic coffee machines, a turnaround in coffee enjoyment is becoming increasingly apparent and filtering as it was in grandmother’s day is enjoying a resurgence. Hence, it makes sense to give fragrant coffee connoisseurs the proper equipment, one that is a tad more high-end with respect to the coffee filter holder from the supermarket.

True Wireless Earphones

At the moment, completely wireless earphones are extremely in vogue. Not surprising, because they eliminate the cumbersome mess of cables from smartphones to the ear. Regardless of whether you want to listen to music on the go or use them for phone calls and video calls: wireless earphones are chic and make life easier.

Noise-cancelling headphones

Be it listening to a podcast on the way to work, enjoying a flick on the plane, or simply cranking up your favourite song at home while keeping the neighbours at bay: headphones are always a good idea. Particularly practical for traveling and in the office are models with active noise cancelling.

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