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6 Awesome Gifts for Nurses

Have a nurse you know who has a birthday coming up, or you just simply want to say thank you for the great care you took during your last hospital stay? Well then, in this post we’ll give you some tips on great gifts for nurses.

We hope you have fun, good inspiration and a couple of good gift ideas!


It is common knowledge that nurses have to walk a hell of a lot. In fact, it’s not exactly uncommon for the distance covered in a shift to come in over the 10km mark.

For this reason, many nurses are in pain when they get home from work. Therefore, to alleviate them and increase comfort at work, insoles in sneakers are a super gift idea.

With this gift, you do something good for the nurse and one of the most practical gifts for nurses all around. Believe us, he/she will be eternally grateful.

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Multicolor Ballpoint Pens

Nowadays, documentation is the name of the game, especially in nursing. Blood pressure, pulse, or even temperature, all of these must be carefully written down and documented. Different colors are used for pulse, blood pressure and temperature in our normal wards. Therefore it is very handy to have a 4-fold pen.

Besides, it is a nice gift idea and even very inexpensive. No limits are set to the imagination. From plain, single-color pens, to beautiful patterns, from plastic to noble metal. You can really buy anything.

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Coffee Mug

Coffee is something we all love! Particularly in the morning we sometimes need a couple of cups of coffee to get going.

Therefore a special nurses coffee mug is a great gift idea. Not only does the coffee from this cup taste really good, no, budget-wise, this is also within reason. This is a great gift for nurses and other people too who love coffee.

Coffee cups always go, just as coffee always goes! More we do not have to say about it!

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Every nurse puts her heart and soul into her work, like no other. Nurses care about their patients and do everything they can to ensure that they receive the best possible medical and nursing care. In addition, nurses always have a lot of keys, which means they need a new keychain every now and then. The keychain is the perfect gift. A small nice attention, with which probably each sister in the heart will feel touched.

If you are looking for a small birthday gift for a dear nurse, you can’t go far wrong here.

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While not all nurses require a stethoscope, as a rule, a nurse only needs a stethoscope in an intensive care unit. However, visually, the good thing makes something in any case and quite honestly, we know many nurses who have a stethoscope hanging at home as a decoration.

Nurse Watch

Finally, let’s move on to a more unusual gift. Everyone knows that a nurse has to take a patient’s pulse every day. Hygiene regulations, however, prohibit nurses from wearing a wristwatch. That is why our following gift idea, a practical pocket watch, is highly recommended.

While these gifts doesn’t look that much, always remember it is not the gift itself but the thought of giving.

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