gift ideas for expectant parents

5 Gift Ideas For Expectant Parents

A romper suit, a music box or a pregnancy book are the conventional gift of choice. However, which gifts are really worthwhile or even something special? For gift inspiration, we have compiled a short list for you.


Sounds so simple that it is often forgotten. But why eat?

New parents want to cuddle with their offspring, relax and enjoy the moment. But they certainly don’t feel like standing behind the stove and cooking food. That’s why a great gift can be a meal voucher. Whether in the form of frozen home-cooked meals, a voucher for a cooking box or a delivery service. All this can super relieve the parents in the postpartum and can be a really tasty gift.

Vouchers for babysitting or walking

Taking showers or naps are real scarcities, particularly in the beginning. If you are close to the parents and would like to give them a few quiet minutes, then do so by giving them a voucher for appropriate walks. 

Afterwards, you can extend this to babysitting vouchers or a joint visit to a course. By the way, this voucher is especially valuable when the friend becomes a single mom and needs a babysitter or nanny.


If you’re a group of friends, work colleagues or a big family, why not put everyone together and give the parents-to-be a last little trip for two? Be it a city break to Florence or a spa vacation on the Polish Baltic Sea. In fact, this will be the last time they can really be just the two of them. Most parents have fond memories of this vacation, because the trip is particularly experienced through the shared sense of anticipation about the changes.

The cleaning and shopping fairy godmother

Relieving the burden plays a vital role here, too, because from now on, cleaning is low on the list of priorities. There are several possibilities: You can either do the cleaning or shopping yourself, or you can give the new family a cleaning lady for a few hours. This may not suit everyone and in the beginning it is definitely a bit unusual to have someone else clean the toilet and put the milk in the fridge. Ultimately, however, they will be so grateful to you that someone has mastered the domestic chaos.

Clinic Survival Kit

Traditionally, the clinic kit is packed with many useful items that are well needed by the mother during and after the birth. It is not unusual for people to underestimate the initial waiting time for both of them and the exhausting hours for the father. So jazz up the hospital bag a bit. For example, put a Polaroid in it for special souvenir pictures, lots of yummy snacks for the exhausting hours, a crossword puzzle or a joke book, collect dear greetings and power boosters from friends and don’t forget a neck pillow for the dad-to-be. These are only a few of the ideas you can use to create a hospital survival kit. You can guarantee that something like this will go down a big way.

Have we inspired you? Do you perhaps also have helpful creations with which you surprise your loved ones and conjure a smile on their faces? Share your ideas with us. Get in Touch.

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