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5 Gift Ideas For DIY Lovers

Want to give a welcome gift to a DIY lover but don’t know what to buy? To be safe, here are some useful tips.

The Micromotor: A Versatile Power Tool

One of the most popular tools for DIY enthusiasts is certainly the micromotor, a power tool with extremely compact dimensions, driven by a motor that generates very high speeds, up to 20,000 rpm, and on which can be mounted different types of tips.

The micromotor, also known as a multifunction tool, is in fact able to cut, rough, grind, polish, drill, shape and model a wide range of materials: wood, plastic, stone, rubber, cork, metal and more. It is a tool used by professionals and amateurs alike, designed for precision work. 

As for hobbyist applications in particular, the micromotor is a great help in building models, for example, for carving or engraving stone and crystal, or creating small craft items.

This tool is certainly a great gift for DIY lovers and hobbyist.

The Electric Fretsaw: Ideal For Wood Enthusiasts


If the recipient of your gift is a hobbyist who has a passion for woodworking, then you’ll make a real splash by giving them a good electric fretsaw or jigsaw.

Thanks to this small stationary bench machine, in fact, you can cut solid wood panels, plywood or MDF, to create a wide range of objects, from artistic ornaments to frames, lamps and lanterns, models, vintage ships and galleons, reproductions of famous historical buildings, doll houses, related small furniture and so on.

Electric jigsaw is also a multifunctional electric tool, which can be used for professional and hobby. Moreover, since the best specimens are able to cut not only wood, but also plastics, metals and other materials, fretholes are also suitable for small domestic maintenance work, carpentry and renovation of antique furniture.

The Sander: For Car Lovers And More

Another product to seriously consider as a gift for a DIY enthusiast is the sander. This particular power tool is mainly used for grinding and polishing surfaces of different materials, and in the hobby therefore has several applications. 

In fact, it is especially suitable for woodworkers, who use it to refurbish old furniture, for example, or for finishing work on metal surfaces, ceramics and other materials.

Depending on the type of sander, however, the range of applications can be further increased; random orbital sanders, for example, are particularly appreciated by automotive DIY enthusiasts, who use them to remove scratches, apply wax to the bodywork and polish it, so as to keep it in good condition.

The Screwdriver Drill: The Power Tool For Household Needs

Small home maintenance jobs are the favorite field of most DIY enthusiasts, and in this case one of the most welcome gifts you can receive is certainly a nice drill wrench, especially if it comes complete with a case and a set of interchangeable bits.

The drill/screwdriver has only two main functions: drilling and screwing/loosening, and is one of the most practical tools for household use. Whenever you need to hang a picture, tighten screws, disassemble doors, mount a wall shelf, assemble a new piece of furniture and more, the use of a drill wrench is essential.

Even so, there are too many models on the market, and they are still a huge choice for those who do not know the world of power tools. The most popular models, however, remain the drill wrenches of the Japanese manufacturer Makita, especially the cordless ones, which are compact, practical to use and offer a higher level of precision than the models produced by competing companies.

The Tool Set In A Case: A Must For Every DIY Lover

And here’s a gift idea that will allow you to play it safe, regardless of the tastes and preferences of the recipient: universal tool sets in a box, or briefcase, depending on the type of product.

Universal kits are specifically designed for general use and not for specific kits such as mechanics, carpenters, etc. A universal set of tools usually contains at least one hammer, several pliers, screwdrivers, phase finders, hex keys, hex wrenches, wrenches, ratchets and other general purpose tools.

There are also sets of tools for precision work, but these are recommended mainly to those who have the hobby of electronics, repair of old watches and modeling in general.

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